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What are the 7 major parts of vertical milling machine?

November 8, 2023

A vertical milling machine typically consists of several major parts, which are essential for its operation. The seven major parts of a vertical milling machine are:

  1. Base: The base is the bottom part of the machine that provides stability and support. It houses various components of the milling machine and is typically made of cast iron or steel to ensure rigidity.

  2. Column: The column is a vertical structure attached to the base and provides support for the other parts of the machine. It may also house the spindle in some milling machine designs.

  3. Knee: The knee is a movable part of the milling machine that is mounted to the column. It can be raised or lowered on the column to adjust the vertical position of the worktable and the spindle.

  4. Saddle: The saddle is mounted on top of the knee and can move back and forth horizontally along the ways. It carries the worktable and provides horizontal movement for the workpiece.

  5. Worktable: The worktable is located on top of the saddle and is where the workpiece is clamped for machining. It can be moved in both the longitudinal (X-axis) and cross (Y-axis) directions to position the workpiece.

  6. Spindle: The spindle is a rotating component that holds and drives the cutting tool, such as an end mill or drill. It can be adjusted for different speeds and feeds to control the cutting process.

  7. Overarm (Arbor Support): The overarm is a horizontal beam that extends from the top of the column and supports the arbor or the cutter. It provides additional stability and allows for horizontal and angular adjustment of the cutter.

These are the key components of a vertical milling machine, and they work together to enable precision cutting and shaping of workpieces in a vertical orientation.

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