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Why is it called CNC?

June 28, 2023

CN stands for Computer Numerical Control. The term "CNC" refers to a manufacturing process where machine tools are controlled by computer programs. The name itself highlights the key elements of this technology:

  1. Computer: CNC machines are operated and controlled by computer systems. These computers are programmed to execute specific instructions, guiding the machine's actions.

  2. Numerical: The instructions given to CNC machines are based on numerical data. They consist of precise coordinates and dimensions, which dictate the movements and operations to be performed by the machine.

  3. Control: The computer system acts as the central control unit for the CNC machine, managing its operations and ensuring accurate and consistent performance.

The CNC technology revolutionized manufacturing processes by automating and streamlining various tasks that were previously done manually or through conventional control mechanisms. By using computer programming and precise numerical instructions, CNC machines can carry out complex operations with high levels of accuracy, speed, and repeatability.

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