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Non Standard CNC Brass Parts For Nut Sleeve Milling Processing

Non Standard CNC Brass Parts For Nut Sleeve Milling Processing

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    Copper Brass Anodize Blacking Plating CNC Turning Machining Parts
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    5000Tons per Year

Non Standard CNC Brass Parts For Nut Sleeve Milling Processing

Brass Milling: Brass Non-Standard Parts Processing

In the realm of manufacturing, precision and customization are paramount. One area where this is particularly true is in the production of brass non-standard parts. These specialized components play a crucial role in various industries, and their production requires careful attention to detail and advanced machining techniques. In this article, we will delve into the world of CNC brass parts, focusing specifically on brass nuts and sleeves. We will explore the materials used, drawing formats, production processes, surface roughness and treatment, as well as the applications of these essential components.


Brass, a versatile alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc, is the material of choice for manufacturing CNC brass parts such as nuts and sleeves. The combination of copper's excellent conductivity and zinc's corrosion resistance results in a material that exhibits high durability, machinability, and aesthetic appeal. Brass also possesses antimicrobial properties, making it suitable for applications where cleanliness is paramount.

Drawing Format

To ensure accurate production, CNC brass parts are typically manufactured based on detailed engineering drawings. These drawings serve as a blueprint, providing precise measurements, tolerances, and specifications for the desired non-standard parts. Common drawing formats include Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files, such as those created using software like AutoCAD or SolidWorks, as well as 2D technical drawings that showcase the component's dimensions from various perspectives.

Production Process

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is the preferred method for producing brass non-standard parts, including nuts and sleeves. This process utilizes computerized controls to guide the machining tools, resulting in highly accurate and repeatable production. CNC machines can precisely mill, drill, turn, and thread brass material to create intricate shapes and features as per the provided engineering drawings. This level of automation ensures consistency and reduces human error, leading to superior quality and dimensional accuracy.

Surface Roughness and Treatment

Surface roughness plays a crucial role in the functionality and aesthetics of CNC brass parts. Depending on the intended application and design requirements, the surface roughness can vary. Finishing processes such as polishing, buffing, or sandblasting are employed to achieve the desired smoothness and appearance. Additionally, brass parts may undergo various treatments like plating (e.g., nickel, chrome, or gold) or oxidation to enhance corrosion resistance, improve electrical conductivity, or achieve specific decorative finishes.


CNC brass nuts and sleeves find applications in a wide range of industries. Their versatile nature and exceptional properties make them indispensable in sectors such as:

  1. Electronics: Brass nuts and sleeves are used in electrical connectors, switches, terminals, and circuit boards due to their excellent conductivity and durability.
  2. Automotive: Brass nuts and sleeves are employed in automotive components such as fuel systems, brake fittings, and hydraulic systems, thanks to their corrosion resistance and machinability.
  3. Plumbing: Brass parts find extensive use in plumbing systems, including fittings, valves, and faucets, owing to their resistance to water corrosion and ability to be easily machined into various shapes.
  4. Medical: Brass nuts and sleeves play a crucial role in medical devices, including surgical instruments, implants, and diagnostic equipment, due to their antimicrobial properties and compatibility with sterilization processes.
  5. Industrial Equipment: CNC brass parts are utilized in industrial machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and precision instruments due to their high strength, reliability, and resistance to wear and tear.


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Production Process
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Quality Control Standards
To consistently exceed customer expectations, quality control and assurance is achieved through
• Comprehensive written procedures and policies
• Detailed records of incoming raw material
• Optional XRF analysis reports
• Analysis of root cause of non-conformances
• Fully equipped inspection department
• Consistent calibration and labeling of inspection tools
• Designated areas for non-conformationg parts
• Staff members being strongly encouraged to suggest improvements in methods, materials and suppliers

Why choose TORICH?
1. Manufacturer, Exporting and Trading for over 20 years' experiences.
2. Good connection with 1st hand manufacturers engineer and production team directly.
3. TOP A raw material supplier for long term and stable cooperation.
4. Experienced engineers in the field for over 20 years.
5. 7x24hours prompt reply after receiving 1st enquiry.

Packing and Transportation
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1. Are you manufacturer or trader ?
TORICH is manufacturer based trading company.
2. How can we get samples ?
Ready to ship samples can be delivered within 3 working days, developing samples need to be confirmed with our engineer and sales team.
3.How can I get a quote?
Detailed drawings (PDF/STEP/IGS/DWG...) with material, quantity and surface treatment information.
4. Can I get a quote without drawings?
Sure, we appreciate to receive your samples, pictures or drafts with detailed dimensions for accurate quotation.
5. What is the lead time?
15-60 day depending on different order quantity and products.
6. Can you provide samples before mass production?
Sure, sample fee is needed, will be returned when mass production if possible.
7. What is your payment terms?
30% deposit, the balance 70% before shipping.
8. What is your packing method?
Safty and strong packing suitable for sea shipping and air shipping.
9. What will you do if we receive poor quality parts?
Please kindly send us the pictures, our engineers will find the solutions and remake them for you asap.